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5 Benefits of In-Home Physical Therapy for Seniors

Physical therapy is frequently ordered for seniors by doctors when patients are recovering from a serious health problem, or after surgery.  It is undisputable that physical therapy is extremely beneficial for seniors who are looking to regain strength, mobility, and coordination as a result of a health problem.  Sometimes it is difficult for seniors to attend regular physical therapy sessions when they are held outside of the home.  For this reason, in-home physical therapy is extremely important for seniors.  The experts from At Home Health Services believe there are 5 benefits of in-home physical therapy for seniors.

  1. Transportation - Whether a senior is no longer able to drive due to their age, or driving is prohibited as a result of surgery, getting to physical therapy can be very difficult for many seniors who have  transportation problems.  In-home therapy takes transportation out of the equation.
  2. Convenience - What’s more convenient than having a therapist work with a senior in the comfort of his or her own home?  
  3. Comfort - Most seniors receiving in-home therapy will report that they feel much more comfortable doing their exercises with a physical therapist in their own home rather than in a traditional physical therapy setting.
  4. Safety - When seniors have to leave their home once or twice weekly for physical therapy, they increase the risk of re-injury.  This is especially true for seniors who are very fragile as a result of age and physical condition.  In-home therapy can reduce the risk of re-injury or further complications.
  5. Reliability - Because the therapist goes to the senior’s home, the patient is more likely to get regular physical therapy than if they were responsible for getting themselves to a typical physical therapy location.  Many seniors require regular physical therapy in order to regain strength and mobility and when even one session is missed, it can set them back.  

For these reasons, in-home physical therapy is highly beneficial for seniors and should be considered to the greatest extent possible.  If you’re looking for quality in-home physical therapy for an aging loved one living in Metro Detroit, contact At Home Health Services today!

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