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How Does Occupational Therapy Help Stroke Patients?

Watching a loved one dealing with the aftermath of a stroke is difficult to say the least. We often feel powerless to help; and many times we do not understand the unique challenges a stroke patient faces. Life changes drastically for any stroke patient. Often times stroke victims are our parents, grandparents or other elderly family members. With the elderly, a stroke frequently poses challenges to basic, daily living needs, which means for many stroke victims health services at home through certified home care providers.

Certified home health care providers assist your family member with all of the things they can no longer do on their own. These aides perform a variety of tasks, including:

  •     Cooking
  •     Cleaning
  •     Changing bed linens
  •     Dressing the patient
  •     Driving and transportation needs
  •     Handling medications
  •     Helping with toileting and lifting
  •     Helping with bathing
  •     Laundry
  •     Running errands
  •     Shopping Needs
  •     Wound care and bandaging

Of course you want your loved one to regain their independence if it all possible. To this end At home Health Services provides stroke victims and their families with occupational therapy services. These services are not intended to help the stroke victim return to work, but rather how to relearn basic living activities. Our therapists work with your loved one on regaining the highest level of independence as possible. We help our patients relearn how to bathe, dress, and do basic housework once again. This of course restores a certain level of dignity and semi independence back to your loved one. For those patients who are paralyzed on one side of the body we can assist your loved on with making the most of their functional side, such as using one-handed techniques to do common personal and household tasks. We can even recommended adapted equipment which can help your loved one regain some of their lost independence.

A stroke is a terrible thing, but it does not have to mean the end of life as your loved on once knew it. With occupational therapy services from our certified professionals your loved on can regain much of what was lost. Patients who receive occupational therapy are much less likely to deteriorate than patients who do not receive this therapy. This therapy can help restore quality of life to your loved one, give your loved one a ray of hope and a reason to fight. We also work with families to plug them into every possible community resource such as reintegration services. Occupational therapists have even helped stroke patients recover enough to learn how to drive once again. Occupational therapy often must go hand in hand with physical therapy to achieve the best results.

Often times stroke patients require physical therapy services in order to get back any degree of mobility again, but trips to the physical therapy office can be very taxing on these patients. At home Health Services provides stroke victims and their families with the help they need by offering physical therapy in the home. Our physical therapists will come to your loved one's home, and perform physical therapy sessions in your loved one's home environment. This is less traumatic for your loved one, and aides and assists in their rehabilitation in a friendly non-stressful environment. This method of physical therapy has the least negative impact on your loved one. Our therapists aide and assist your loved one in regaining their range of motion, balance, strength, and a degree of dexterity. We evaluate each patient and customize a recovery plan for each person in a manner designed to achieve the rehabilitation goals, with the least amount of stress and no additional trauma to your loved one.

The physical therapist will work hand in hand with your loved one's primary care physician. In fact it is your loved one's primary care physician who will decide how often the therapist should visit. Any equipment needed for rehabilitation will by provided by the therapist and transported on-site for each visit. Our therapists provide a holistic approach by including massage, stretching and other methods designed to promote healing and to correct the issues that required the need for physical therapy in the first place.

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