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When Is Occupational Therapy Needed?

If you ask most people to explain physical therapy, they are able to define it with little difficulty. If you ask the same population to define occupational therapy, they will likely struggle with an adequate explanation. Contrary to popular belief, occupational therapy has nothing to do with one’s occupation, but perhaps it could help.

Occupational therapists work with individuals who have experienced life altering situations such as an accident or perhaps a stroke. When an accident or stroke robs an individual of the ability to carry out otherwise simple tasks, occupational therapists are trained to help the person manage in perhaps, a slightly different way. For example, an occupational therapist might work with someone after an accident to help them re-learn how to get dressed, get in and out of a car, cook, and perform other daily tasks.

Sometimes babies are born with physical and/or mental disabilities that render them incapable of doing things like tying their shoes, combing their hair, opening a door, and countless other things involving both fine and gross motor skills. In these cases, occupational therapists can assist the person in learning atypical ways to master seemingly simple tasks.

We are all one injury or accident away from not being able to carry out tasks that we now do with little effort or thought. In the blink of an eye, life can change and so too can our ability to take care of our most basic needs. Fortunately, occupational therapists possess the knowledge and skills to teach or retrain those with physical and or mental disabilities in carrying out the necessary tasks for independence. 

Whether a person is born with a physical or mental impairment or sustains a serious injury resulting in physical or mental limitations, occupational therapy is an integral component in a comprehensive plan targeted toward independence. The occupational therapists at At Home Health Services have extensive experience working with patients in the comfort of their own homes. If someone you love is in need of occupational therapy, contact us today!

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