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1. Why should I use AHHS for my Home Care?

At Home Health Services is certified Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Michigan Certified and C.H.A.P accredited agency that maintains the highest standards in the industry while providing the greatest care in the industry. AHHS is dedicated to providing impeccable care to ensue independence back into the lives of you or your loved one.

2. How does a person qualify for Homecare?

Under Medicare rules, a person qualifies for home care if he or she is homebound and needs skilled medical care. Patients are considered homebound if absences from the home are infrequent, taxing, of short duration, or only to receive medical care. In addition, patients also are considered homebound if, because of illness or injury, they cannot leave home without aid devices such as crutches, canes, wheelchairs or walkers, special transportation or another person’s assistance. Contact AHHS at 248.539.8400 to determine if you or your loved one qualifies for.

3. How does AHHS work with my physicians regarding my care?

At Home Health Services work with your physician(s) right from the start. As soon as your physician sends in the referral, AHHS will send out a team consisting of a skilled nurse and a physical therapist. Once the team evaluates your condition, they will recommend the care needed to you, your caregiver and your physician. Once the plan of care is established, AHHS will then send the right clinician to your home and begin servicing your needs. During the of care, AHHS will always communicate with your physician to inform he/she about the progress and outcomes at that point. Once all services have been completed, you or your loved one will be able to gain and maintain as much control and independence as possible.

4. Will insurance pay for my care?

This is very simple. If you qualify for Medicare, there is no out-of-pocket expenses. Once we receive the referral from your physician, we will then verify your coverage and determine eligibility. At Home Health Services is Medicare Medicaid, Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Michigan certified agency, so most doctor-referred care is covered for a specified period, your plan of care.

5. What are the differences between Medicare and Medicaid?

Medicare is government program available to persons over the age of 65 and covers a variety of health maintenance programs for persons in their homes, including nursing and therapy services, Medicaid, is also a government sponsored program for those who are unable to pay for health or well-being services. One key difference between Medicare and Medicaid, is that one does not need to satisfy an age requirement for Medicaid, like you need for Medicare (age 65).

6. What services does AHHS provide?

AHHS provides:
  • Skilled Nursing: skilled assessment, wound care, medication instruction/medication management, catheter care, tube feeding, ostomy and diabetic care

  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies: exercises and gait training, rehabilitation techniques, exercise programs, ultrasound therapy, anodyne therapy, activities of daily living, work simplification, coordination techniques, swallowing techniques, speech articulation, language disorders, memory mastery and cognitive training.

  • Medical Social Work: community resources and initiatives, counseling, nursing home/assisted living placement.

  • Home Health Aide: hygiene, preparation of light meals and hair care, bathing and other personal needs.
  • Dietitian: medical nutrition invention, modified diet plans, educate patients on nutritional habits, individual dietary consultations, outpatient education programs.