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Dietitian Farmington Hills MI - Nutritionist, In Home Health Care - At Home Health Services - dietitianNutrition is an integral part of managing a patient’s health. When a patient suffers from an illness or injury, nutrition is the first line of defense to help aide the body in recovery. A registered dietitian is the expert in the field of nutrition who is specially trained to identify and quantify nutrition risk, develop strategies, and provide nutrition instruction to bring a patient out of a state of risk and into a state of wellness. A dietitian in the home care setting has a tremendous opportunity to positively impact the quality of life and care provided to all patients.

A home care dietitian works with the nursing staff, therapists, and physicians to establish a plan of care, implement that plan, and evaluate a patient’s response. Many conditions benefit from nutrition therapy by increasing recovery time and decreasing relapses. In the case of HTN or CHF, the effectiveness of medications is directly impacted by how well a patient follows a low sodium diet. Other conditions that benefit from nutrition therapy include, but are not limited to, diabetes, obesity, HTN, CHF, COPD, organ failure, wounds, cancer, anorexia, enteral nutrition, and GI disorders. Registered dietitians have studied the human body, all the disease processes that impact the body, and apply nutrition to influence positive outcomes and/or prevention of disease processes.

Below is a list of services that a registered dietitian provides:

  • Medical Nutrition Intervention

  • Modified Diet Plans

  • Educate Patients on Nutritional Habits
  • Individual Dietary Consultations

  • Outpatient Education Programs
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