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Physical Therapy

Provides physical therapy services for various conditions involving:

  • Muscles (loss of strength/muscle tone)

  • Joints (Loss of range of
  • Bones (after fractures and joint replacements)

  • Nervous System (strokes, spinal cord injuries, Neuropathies)
Such conditions may cause difficulties getting in and out of a chair/bed, difficulties with walking/standing or climbing stairs, difficulties driving, getting in and out of the shower and taking care of basic needs.

Physical Therapy Farmington Hills MI - Therapist, In Home Health Care - At Home Health Services - physical_therapyOur physical therapist will come to your/your loved ones home and evaluate the environment/safety and ability of the patient to perform basic daily activities and tasks (walking/getting into bed/managing stairs etc). The therapist also confirm that you are home bound. The physical therapist will evaluate the patient’s range of motion, strength, balance, transfer skills and general mobility. Based on the data the therapist got from the evaluation the physical therapist will establish “plan of care” and discuss it with the patient. This plan will also have goals to achieve as progress being made.

The therapist will visit the patient few times a week, (as determined by your physician), to provide you with treatment that will promote achievement of the goals established earlier. Treatments may include: range of motion exercises, home program, massage, prosthetic training, strengthening exercises, balance activities, stepping, stretching and other methods to promote and correct the deficits founded.

Below is a list of services that a physical therapists provides:

  • Exercises & Gait Training

  • Rehabilitation Techniques
  • Exercise Programs

  • Ultrasound & Anodyne Therapies
If you have any additional questions regarding our services, please call 248-539-8400 to talk with one of our clinical specialists.